Experts in advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning

Distribution services

We distribute products for the whole refrigeration cycle. We offer more than 100,000 efficient, ecological and top manufacturers references.

We assure:

Fast Delivery:

Our logistics organization is designed to guarantee timely delivery, within 24 to 48 hours

Top quality:

We make a rigorous selection of our products and manufacturers before including them in our catalog

High technological innovation:

We maximize our products’ performance, minimizing energy consumption by up to 70%

Maximum guarantee:

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the maximum warranty of 24 months

Distribution and exclusive prices:

We offer exclusive and personalized rates, tailored to your specific project

Systems design and manufacturing services

We design and advise:

Custom refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We help you with your project

We manufacture and assemble:

Equipment tailored to you needs, adjusting to the size and complexity of your project. We put our factories to your service

We offer tailor-made volume of order:

To each client. We do not have minimum order quantity. We serve you only what you really need

Your project may be next!

Each year we deliver to our customers over 4,000 units of standard configuration products assembled in our facilities.

Each year we assemble and serve our customers more than 400 units of 100%% tailor-made product.

After sales service

We provide technical support and after-sales service:

Large stock of spare parts

All the spare parts and components for any compressor we sell are available in our warehouse. So, if your compressor fails, we can supply you immediately what you need in order to minimize the waiting time of the installation.

Analysis of compressors and other components

If your compressor is broken before the end of the warranty period, we analyze the causes (improper installation, misuse or factory default) and we offer the most appropriate solution. For out of warranty compressors, we analyze the failure and seek a solution for you as an extra service.

Hiring of implementation of refrigeration systems.

If you are an installer, we give you support to configure and start a new installation. If you are an individual, we put you in contact with a local installer to do the work.