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Refrigeration system for the transport industry

The transport industry has all the systems necessary to keep production running smoothly and constantly. Refrigeration systems don’t wait, and therefore neither does Area Cooling Solutions. A transport industry refrigeration system, whether in marine or land-based systems, has a specific way of working that will meet these needs. Many of these systems for transport and refrigeration need quality equipment and facilities that provide excellent passenger comfort and also ideal commercial operation, as in the case of trucks transporting frozen meals.

Find the best refrigeration components and units for transport, marine use and vehicles

Refrigeration systems for the transport industry is a unique field, all depending on the needs of the vehicle and the functionalities it is providing at the time. We can be talking about personal use or providing a better passenger experience, so the HVAC components and units that Area Cooling Solutions offer is the ideal system to optimize each journey.

When working within the commercial transport industry, we provide refrigeration components and units that aim to preserve food for sale across many forms of transport, including air, land and sea, even rail. These refrigeration systems can be made using dry ice systems, eutectic options, liquid nitrogen, combinations with evaporators and nitrogen, and other options. Many of these vehicles are thermally insulated and have refrigeration equipment to provide a separate system for low temperatures, all of which can be detailed at the time of purchase.

Application for Refrigeration system for the transport industry