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Sprężarka Panasonic

Panasonic products need no introduction. A leading global brand and manufacturer of cutting-edge air-conditioning systems and refrigerator compressors, among a wide array of high-quality products, Panasonic compressors are internationally renowned and trusted for their reliable build and high performance in all situations. Both for large-scale commercial applications or for domestic use, Panasonic hermetic scroll compressors are a dependable guarantee for heat pump and cooling systems.

Doskonałe właściwości termodynamiczne

Panasonic compressors are designed to have excellent thermodynamic properties, and a minimal environmental impact due to their energy efficiency and the use of environment-friendly refrigerants. Browse through our exclusive catalogue of Panasonic compressors and you are sure to find the exact component your air conditioner or refrigeration system requires.

Znajdź najlepszy Sprężarki firmy Panasonic w naszym katalogu Spreżarka

The Panasonic scroll compressors factory is one of the largest in the world, with a production of over 1 million pieces per year. It specializes in the production of scroll compressor for Air Conditioning, Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, AHU and transportation applications.  Full ranges approved for R407C, R134a, R410A, R404A, R407F, R448A, R449A, R32, CO2 and R513A  both  On-Off  and Inverter technologies.

Among our extensive catalogue of Panasonic compressors, you’ll find a wide range of hermetic scroll and rotary compressors at different prices, sizes, cooling capacities, rotation speeds, motor types, and displacement volumes, such as the Panasonic hermetic scroll Compressor C-SWS225H00C or its larger counterpart, the Panasonic hermetic scroll Compressor C-SCVN603L0J. AREA is the exclusive Panasonic compressor distributor for Europe, with the best price ratio per kWh on the market.

Główne cechy Panasonic Spreżarka


Our featured Panasonic compressors stand out for their DC inverter power supply, which yield lower energy losses than traditional units. Likewise, another appealing attribute is their low noise levels, made possible due to a  floating valve, and a special  tip seal  in the mobile spiral that enhances efficiency. The Panasonic hermetic scroll Compressor C-SDVN543H0C is a fine example of this, with a horsepower of 12 hp and a displacement volume capacity of 80,5 cm3.

Not only are our exclusive Panasonic compressors energy-efficient, they have also received the highest European and global safety certifications, and use ecological refrigerants such as R744, as found in the Panasonic hermetic rotary Compressor C-CV753L0V.

Always with an eye for high-quality standards, our exclusive Panasonic compressors meet both present and future technological demands, as well as environmental requirements in terms of HFC refrigerant usage and energy-saving solutions. Furthermore, all our products are carefully chosen in order to feature easy installation and maintenance processes.