Specjaliści w zaawansowanych systemach chłodniczych i klimatyzacyjnych

Products: Compressors, Condensing units.

BOCK compressors: semi-hermetic and open piston compressors for industrial HVAC and cooling, for industries, trains, buses and transport.

Family HG/HA

They are renowned for their smooth operation, efficacy and reliability, with the highest levels of quality. From 5,4 m3/h to 279,8 m3/h, version available with electronic frequency control and ATEX (explosive atmospheres).

Family F

External activation (by pulley belt or direct coupling). From 3,9 m3/h to 178,4 m3/h, available for NH3.

Here you can find the list of Bock products: Compressors semi-hermetic pistonCompressors semi-hermetic piston ATEX

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