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Designed and manufactured by Area Cooling, the iCOOL MAX-10 MP is a versatile condensing unit conceived for in-house use in cold storing installations such as refrigerated storage rooms, refrigeration cabinets, and liquid coolers, among others. Equipped with an inverter compressor and high pressure air fan, the iCOOL MAX-10 MP is a suitable piece of gear for medium-scale refrigeration operations. With a maximum cooling capacity of 8.9 kW at 30/32 ºC R449A, this unit presents an excellent thermodynamic potential by virtue of its Inverter technology, which yields lower energy losses than conventional condensers. The unit is powered by a 380-415 volt 50 hertz 3-phase power supply and is compatible with different types of refrigerants for increased adaptability: R404A, R448A and R449A.

Made in EU
Inverter Technology
Technical information

Data Sheet

Power supply

380/415 V-50 Hz-3 ph

Capacity at -30/32 ºC R449A

8,9 kW


250 kg


745 mm


1327 mm


1677 mm

Sound level

44 dB

Suction connection

1 1/8"

Liquid connection


Suitable compressor model


Type of oil


Air flow

9500 m3/h


15,1 A


15 dm3

Number x Diameter of fan

1×560 mm




R404A, R448A, R449A






Product description

Technical information

The iCOOL MAX-10 MP inverter condensing unit is a reliable and robust component for medium-scale systems requiring a powerful cooling capacity and energetic efficiency. With a total weight amounting to 250 kg, and with dimensions measuring 745 mm in width, 1327 mm in length and 1677 mm in height, the unit is supplied with one high-pressure 560 mm air fan, able to perform a strong air flow rate of up to 9,500 m3/h. The unit is also equipped with a speed regulator in order to adjust the required air flow rate. With a suction connection diameter of 1 1/8", and a liquid connector of 5/8", the unit’s liquid receiver tank can contain a volume of up to 15.0 dm3. Additionally, the liquid receiver and liquid connectors comprise a shut-off valve for increased security, efficiency, and precision. The suction line is also furnished with an accumulator in order to prevent potential compressor damages derived from sudden refrigerant or oil surges, guaranteeing the unit’s correct operation and dependability at all times. The iCOOL MAX-10 MP inverter condensing unit is devised to function with the  compressor model C-SCVN603L0J and with FV32S oil. In relation to refrigerant compatibility, the   iCOOL MAX-10 MP is operational with HFC blends R404A, R448A and R449A. Filling this unit with any other refrigerant not mentioned may cause permanent and irreversible damages to the system and shall void the warranty. The unit is validated by the highest European and global safety standards (CE, REACH, RoH and TUV) and is in compliance with the ECODESIGN label for sustainable design.

iCOOL MAX-10 MP characteristics and advantages

  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Capable of operating under highly-demanding ambient temperature conditions
  • Maximum cooling capacity of 9 kW at -30/32 ºC R449A
  • Total weight of 250 kg.
  • Equipped with one 560 mm diameter fan.
  • High-pressure air flow rate of 9,500 m3/h.
  • Liquid receiver tank with a 15.0 dm3 capacity, a 1 1/8’’ suction connection and a 5/8’’ liquid connection.
  • Compatible with compressor model C-SCVN603L0J.
  • Compatible with FV32S oil.
  • Minimal noise levels at only 44 dB.
  • Compliance with ECODESIGN standard for sustainability.
  • Validated by the highest European and global safety certifications (CE, REACH, RoH and TUV)
  • Compatibility with multiple refrigerants for increased versatility: R404A, R448A and R449A.
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