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The eco-friendly Inverter condensing unit Area iCOOL MAX-21D MHP presents excellent thermodynamic properties and a low environmental impact due to its high-performing efficiency. With a maximum cooling capacity of 19.74  kW at -10/32 ºC R449A, powered by a 380/415-volt 50 hertz 3-phase power, this Inverter condensing unit performs at the highest level with minimal energy consumption, yielding lower energy losses than traditional condensing units. It is an extremely versatile condensing unit suitable for different kinds of applications. Our iCOOL series is the benchmark of multi-refrigerant inverter units featuring easy and simple installation and maintenance.

Made in EU
Inverter Technology
Technical information

Data Sheet

Power supply

380/415 V-50 Hz-3 ph

Capacity at -10/32 ºC R449A

18,71 kW


311 kg


475 mm


1521 mm


1493 mm

Sound level

44 dB

Suction connection

1 1/8"

Liquid connection


Suitable compressor model

C-SBS180H00B, C- SBN453H8G

Type of oil


Air flow

11150 m3/h


27 A


15 dm3

Number x Diameter of fan

2×630 mm




R134a, R404A, R448A, R449A, R513A






Product description

Technical Information

Furnished with one 560 mm diameter fan and weighing 311 kg, the iCOOL-21D MHP is an ideal condensing unit for medium, large-scale and high-capacity applications. A robust and durable condensing unit by virtue of its dimensions, it is an effective and reliable component measuring 745 mm wide, 1327 mm long, 1677 mm high, and capable of a vigorous air flow rate of 9,500 m3/ h. The iCOOL-21D MHP is provided with a liquid receiver tank of 15.0 dm3 , 1 1/8’’ and 5/8’’ suction and liquid connections, and uses FV68S refrigerant oil. This condensing unit is compatible with the compressor models C-SBS180H00B and C- SBN453H8G.  Another of its key features are its reduced noise levels at only 44db, made possible by the acoustic insulation installed on all sides of the compressor compartment. The Inverter condensing unit Area iCOOL-21D MHP has received the highest European and global safety certifications (CE, REACH, RoH and TUV), complies with the ECODESIGN standard, and is compatible with multiple refrigerants (R134a, R404A, R448A, R449A, R513A).

Area iCOOL-21D MHP characteristics and advantages

  • Maximum cooling capacity of 19.74 kW at -10/32 ºC R449A
  • Total weight of 311
  • Equipped with one 560 mm diameter fans.
  • Powerful air flow rate of 9,500 m3/h.
  • Large liquid receiver tank with a 15.0 dm3 capacity, a 1 1/8’’ suction connection and a 5/8’’ liquid connection
  • Versatile unit compatible with compressor model C-SBS180H00B and C- SBN453H8G.
  • Compatible with FV68S refrigerant oil.
  • Cutting-edge Inverter technology yields lower energy losses than traditional condensing units.
  • Reduced noise levels at only 44 dB.
  • Validated by the highest European and global safety certifications (CE, REACH, RoH and TUV)
  • Compatible with refrigerants R134a, R404A, R448A, R449A and R513A.

Area iCOOL-21D MHP types of refrigerant


What pressure does R134a refrigerant work with?
A normal running pressure of 151 to 393 Kilopascals (kPa) is needed to operate R134a refrigerant, between the temperature range of -3.8 °C to 4.4 °C.
Why is R134a refrigerant important?
R134a is a commonly used refrigerant as it is highly efficient and capable of vaporizing at extremely low temperatures. In addition, it is a secure and environmentally-safe refrigerant with non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive characteristics, with minimal ozone depleting potential.
Which refrigerant gas replaces R134a ?
The use of R134a is widespread as a cleaner and eco-friendlier substitute to CFCs and HCFCs refrigerants such as R22, R404A and R507.  


What pressure does R404A refrigerant work with?
According to the temperature pressure chart, R404A refrigerant can function with a pressure level of 0.1 PSI at its lowest temperature of -45.6 °C, and 455.1 PSI at the highest temperature of 65.6 °C. The temperature pressure chart indicates that, at a maximum temperature of 65.6 °C, R404A refrigerant can operate with a pressure level of 455.1 PSI, and 0.1 PSI at the lowest temperature of -45.6 °C.
Why is R404A refrigerant important?
The use of R404A is extensive by virtue of its secure, non-toxic and non-flammable properties, but is in decline in recent years due to its Global Warming Potential.
Which refrigerant gas replaces R404A ?
R404A prevails as an efficient alternative to CFC and HCFC refrigerants such as R-12 and R-502, among others.  


What pressure does R448A refrigerant work with?
The pressure needed to turn R448A refrigerant gas into liquid state at its critical temperature of 83.7 °C is of 46.6 bar (4600 kPa or 667 PSI).
Why is R448A refrigerant important?
Since it is a non-flammable HFO blend with low toxicity and minimal Global Warming Potential, R448A refrigerant gas is considered a safe and eco-friendly option in comparison with other refrigerants.
Which refrigerant gas replaces R448A ?
The use of R448A is widespread as a replacement for R404A and R22 refrigerants.    


What pressure does R449A refrigerant work with?
At its critical temperature of 81.5 °C, R449A refrigerant gas requires a critical pressure of 44.5 bar (4400 kPa or 638 PSI) to be liquified.
Why is R449A refrigerant important?
R449A is generally considered a secure and effective refrigerant gas compared to other refrigerants, as it is a non-ozone depleting gas with low toxicity and non-flammable properties, and minimal Global Warming Potential.
Which refrigerant gas replaces R449A ?
R449A is generally used as a direct alternative to R404A and R-507 refrigerants.
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