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The EMC7120 Area is a high-efficiency electronic commutation motor engineered for diverse cooling solutions. It is an exceptional choice for applications that demand durability and energy efficiency. Rated for an input power of 32 W and providing an output of 20 W, this compact motor provides optimal performance with a speed of 1330 rpm, ensuring a reassuring balance between power consumption and air movement.

With a robust protection type of IP65, the motor is designed to resist dust ingress and protect against water jets from any direction, enhancing its reliability in harsh conditions. Its ability to function smoothly in a vast ambient temperature range of -40ºC to +50ºC makes it versatile for both refrigerated and heated settings.

The EMC7120 requires a power supply of 220/240 V-50/60 Hz-1 ph, making it compatible with standard electrical systems while keeping operational costs low. This motor is built to cater to the needs of those requiring consistent and dependable performance without the excessive energy usage, aligning with sustainability goals in operational environments. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
Technical information

Data Sheet

Power supply

220/240 V-50/60 Hz-1 ph

Rated Input

32 W

Rated Output

20 W


1330 rpm

Protection type


Ambient temperature

-40ºC- +50ºC