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Introducing the Area C2S9 72-1200, an advanced condenser coil designed for efficient cooling in a variety of industrial applications. This robust yet fanless coil includes two 500mm fans, propelling an impressive air flow rate of 9897 cubic meters per hour while maintaining a low pressure drop of just 122 Pascal. Engineered to work optimally with the refrigerant R448A, it achieves a substantial cooling capacity of 21.40 kW with a 15K temperature differential. This product is an ideal choice for European customers seeking high-performance, dependable cooling solutions that integrate effortlessly into their existing systems.

Engineered for superior performance, the Area C2S9 72-1200 condenser coil stands out with a design that notably excludes fans, reducing noise and maintenance requirements. The unit's twin fans, each at 500 mm in diameter, ensure a consistent cooling effect, boasting a flow capacity that solidifies its place as a strong competitor in the market. The unit's cooling capacity, precisely set at 21.40 kW for R448A with a 15K temperature disparity, exemplifies efficient energy use, making the Area C2S9 72-1200 a powerful yet energy-conscious addition to any industrial refrigeration setup. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
Technical information

Data Sheet

Other remarks

Coil without fans

Number of fans


Fan diameter

500 mm


9897 m3/h

Pressure drop

122 Pa

Capacity R448A, dT=15K

21,40 kW