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Introducing the Area C2S9 60-1080, a top-tier condenser coil meticulously engineered for the European market. Designed to function without additional fans, this innovative component is fitted with two robust 450 mm fans that generate a substantial airflow of 7316 m^3/h. Despite its powerful performance, it maintains a low-pressure drop at 119 Pa, optimizing operational efficiency. Ideal for a variety of industrial cooling needs, it operates effectively with the R448A refrigerant and achieves an impressive capacity of 16.46 kW at a 15K temperature differential. With its cutting-edge design, the Area C2S9 60-1080 stands as a leading solution for those in Europe seeking reliable, high-capacity cooling technology.

Upgrade your cooling systems with the Area C2S9 60-1080 condenser coil, specifically crafted to meet the demands of the European industry. This coil distinguishes itself with a pair of 450 mm diameter fans that work synergistically to provide a forceful yet efficient airflow of 7316 m^3/h. The engineering excellence of this coil ensures a minimal pressure drop of only 119 Pa, which translates to lower energy consumption and extended system longevity. Compatible with the eco-friendly R448A refrigerant and boasting a 16.46 kW cooling capacity at a standard 15K temperature difference, this product offers not just performance but also adaptability to various industrial applications. Those in Europe seeking a robust coil solution need to look no further than the Area C2S9 60-1080 for dependable, efficient refrigeration. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
Technical information

Data Sheet

Other remarks

Coil without fans

Number of fans


Fan diameter

450 mm


7316 m3/h

Pressure drop

119 Pa

Capacity R448A, dT=15K

16,46 kW