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Introducing the Area C2S9 48-1200 condenser coil, a robust cooling solution meticulously crafted for diverse industrial scenarios. Engineered to operate effectively without fans, this unit comes equipped with a pair of forceful 450mm fans that work in tandem to achieve an efficient airflow rate of 8953 m^3/h. Despite this high volume of air movement, the coil maintains a low pressure drop of just 87 Pa, making it an energy-efficient choice for systems requiring steadfast cooling capabilities.

With a cooling capacity of 15.82 kW when utilizing R448A refrigerant and at a temperature differential of 15K, the Area C2S9 48-1200 stands out for its strong thermal performance. This coil is an ideal component for installations where space and noise constraints are crucial considerations, offering a high-capacity, fan-assisted cooling solution. Reliable and built to last, this condenser coil is a smart investment for those seeking an effective cooling component in their HVAC systems. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
Technical information

Data Sheet

Other remarks

Coil without fans

Number of fans


Fan diameter

450 mm


8953 m3/h

Pressure drop

87 Pa

Capacity R448A, dT=15K

15,82 kW