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Optimize your HVAC systems with the Invertek Driver ACV-240140-3FCE, engineered to deliver top-notch control with energy efficiency. With its 5.5 kW nominal power rating, this inverter boasts reliable operation across varying voltages from 380-480 V, three-phase power supply. Equipped to handle a rated current of 1.4 A, the ACV-240140-3FCE ensures precise power management for diverse HVAC applications.

The Invertek Driver ACV-240140-3FCE stands out as a high-quality component for your HVAC requirements. The robust design and nominal power capacity of 5.5 kW combine to provide efficient performance. Trust in the Invertek brand to offer an inverter that not only fulfills the standards but reliably enhances the operation, contributing to consistent energy conservation and system optimization. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
Technical information

Data Sheet

Power supply

380-480 V, 3 Phase

Rated current

1,4 A

Nominal power

5,5 kW


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