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A highly efficient hermetic scroll compressor, the Panasonic 9CC171SA0B is intended to be an essential component within cooling installations. This fixed speed hermetic scroll compressor is three-phased power supplied and reaches a powerful 46.3 kW cooling capacity at R32 ARI conditions. One of the key features of this compressor are its reduced noise levels, made possible by its special casing design, and is suitable both for household and commercial use. Furthermore, the Panasonic 9CC171SA0B is operational with R32, an ecological single-component refrigerant that it easy to reuse and recycle. A leading global manufacturer of cutting-edge cooling components, Panasonic compressors are internationally renowned and trusted for their reliable build and high performance.

Technical information

Data Sheet

Power supply

380/415 V-50 Hz-3 ph


15 hp


171,2 cm3

Cooling capacity at ARI conditions, R32

46,3 kW



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