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Introducing our specialized Copper Capillary Tube, the ideal component for precision refrigeration and HVAC applications. Boasting an internal diameter of 1.00 mm and an external diameter of 2.00 mm, this robust copper tube is engineered to facilitate optimal system performance. The superior material guarantees durability and efficient heat transfer, essential attributes for maintenance and operational longevity of any refrigeration equipment.

Available in convenient 25kg rolls, this capillary tube is not only easy to handle but also ensures a generous supply for substantial installations or repairs. With a weight specification of 21.00 g/m and yielding approximately 47.61 meters per kilogram, this product is a practical choice for technicians seeking reliability and consistency in their HVAC components. Choose our copper capillary tube for a trustworthy solution in your temperature regulation requirements. This description is for information purposes only. To confirm the accuracy of the data, please consult the technical data sheet or one of our technicians.
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Supply in 25kg rolls aprox.

Diameter internal/external

1,00 mm/2,00 mm

Weight (g/m)


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