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Covid 19 info from Area

PANASONIC, GMCC, AVIC and WEIGUANG MOTORS are operating normally since the first half of February,

Orders and forecast for the first half of the 2020

Condensing unit factory Poland

Our main suppliers Panasonic and GMCC have resumed production activities on the 10th of Feb, but due to the coronavirus emergency in China we expect about 2 weeks delay in product shipments, vs standard delivery times.

Swiss Cooling Expo 2019

Swiss Cooling Expo
Area Cooling Solutions is pleased to announce its participation in the Swiss Cooling Expo to be held at the Forum Fribourg (Switzerland) on the 5th of December 2019.


Interview to Mattias Jansson, Product Manager at Ahlsell, Sweeden

New inverter transcritical unit iCOOL MAX 15 CO2

Inverter transcritical unit iCOOL MAX 15 CO2: An innovative solution for urban stores.Indoor based condensing unit, is the first high-pressure unit working with CO2 refrigerant in the market.

Climate control without climate change

World Refrigeration day

Cooling is an essential part of modern life. Our food supplies, homes and workplaces rely on refrigeration for both safety and comfort.