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Area Cooling @InnoTrans 2018, Berlin

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Why choosing R32 and GMCC?

There are little ‘off-shelf solutions’ out there to react on the F-Gas Regulation and European Refrigerant Drop-Down Plan.

Area Cooling Solutions appears at AHR Show with the new iCOOL 8 based on Inverter reciprocating compressor Bristol

The refrigeration industry embraced a grand event at the beginning of the year.

GMCC vapor injection – New solution for HP application

New GMCC vapor injection compressors: a wide working envelope to design your HP compressor.

Change of Flare Seal Cap on SANYO C-SC Models

In order to continuous improve the quality of compressors, SANYO has done


AREA fans comply with the 2009/125/EC Ecodesign (ErP) directive with which the EU has regulated sustainability requirements in energy efficiency in the design of energy-using products.