Esperti in refrigerazione e climatizzazione

Inverters, what for?

  • Main purpose:
    • Compressor rotation speed (capacity) control
    • Required for all compressors with BLDC motor (higher speed range and better efficiency)
  • Additional benefits:
    • Overall less energy consumption:
      • Less startups
      • Better energy efficiency of DC motors (Inverter alone efficiency around 95-96%)
    • Soft starts
      • Lower current required for starting (max 2 times nominal, direct starting 5-7 times)
      • Less ware of compressor parts during startup
    • Possibility to control the pressures/temperatures directly by inverter
    • Adaptability to the process


Agile ACS series inverters

Main features

• Speed control of compressors with both AC and BLDC motors; • Integrated PLC that allow adaptation of inverter to refrigeration system; • Flexibility of inputs and outputs and optional accessories to fit solution to your needs; • Optional Connection set for connection to PC; • Connectability with area cloud thanks to integrated communication port;

Power range

• ACS202: 1.1 - 3 kW / single-phase 200 V... 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (± 10%); • ACS402: 3 - 11 kW / three-phase 320 V... 530 V / 50 - 60 Hz (± 10%);

Software features

• Transferable settings on SD cards to decrease commissioning times; • Ready to use application prepared by area; • Flexible assignment of digital inputs and outputs; • Energy Saving functions; • Fault history; • Memory of motor and inverter state (storage of working parameters during last 4 errors occurrence); • Integrated PLC function with graphic development environment;

Hardware features

• Integrated Keypad; • Integrated Safe Torque Off function (STO inputs); • DC link connection; • 6 digital inputs, 2 multifunction A/D inputs; • 1 digital output, 1 multifunction I/O; • 1 relay output, 1 multifunction A/D/Pulse output; • Signal supply outputs: +24 V DC, + 10 V DC; • +24 V DC input for electronic power supply (for maintaining power supply of inverter electronics in case of main power failure); • Serial interfaces: RS-232, RS-485 including Modbus and CAN protocol;

Degree of protection

• IP20 (EN 60529);

Rated output frequency

• 0 ... 599 Hz;


• UL508c; • STO (EN13849 / EN 61508);


• CE; • EN61800;

Mounting options

• Cabinet mounting for all sizes; • Optional feed-through mounting; • Optional DIN rail mounting frame;


• Asynchronous AC motors; • Permanent magnet synchronous motors (BLDC or brushless DC motors);

Optional PC software

• VPlus for Windows operating system with motor setup, terminal monitor; • Actual value window, scope function;

Optional field bus communication

• CM-CAN: CANopen; • CM-PDP-V1: PROFIBUS; • CM232: Modbus ASCII & Modbus RTU for point-to-point connection; • CM485: Modbus ASCII & Modbus RTU via RS485 connection; • CM-DeviceNet: DeviceNet; • CM-EtherCAT®: EtherCAT®; • CM-PROFINET: PROFINET; • CM-Ethernet/IP: Ethernet/IP with one usable port as end-of-line device; • CM-Ethernet/IP-2P: Ethernet/IP with two usable ports (daisy chaining is possible) • CM-Modbus/TCP: Modbus/TCP with one usable port as end-of-line device • CM-Modbus/TCP-2P: Modbus/TCP with two usable ports (daisy chaining is possible) • Ethernet VABus/TCP: VABus/TCP: with one usable port as end-of-line device • Ethernet VABus/TCP-2P: VABus/TCP: with two usable ports (daisy chaining is possible)

Optional interface for communication to PC

• ASK-USB: Communication to PC via optional communication cable;


• Power choke type LCVS & LCVT: Power choke types LCVS (for single-phase power installation) and LCVT (for three-phase power installation) increase the overvoltage protection of the inverter and increase the system's EMC; • Power filters type FTV: Depending on the application boundaries, certain EMC levels must be achieved. The power filters are a component to improve EMC behavior in a machine installation.

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