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The need for chillers in multiple industrial processes meets a growing global demand for units with the best energy efficiency, as well as a low environmental impact, and this is no surprise. Virtually all industrial processes require fluid cooling, and the past years have seen an increase of local environmental regulations throughout the world. This juncture calls for ever more efficient means of energy transformation, without compromising on the highest performance. In this regard, Area Cooling Solutions offers comprehensive types of industrial chillers, ranging from automotive chillers, laser chillers, low temperature chillers, oil chillers, to plastic chillers.

Find the best industrial chillers at Area Cooling Solutions

All our lines of products include Inverter solutions, which are best suited to maintain temperature accuracy, a required feature when it comes to most industrial processes. In addition, our industrial chillers feature operational compatibility with non-toxic, non-flammable and low GWP refrigerants with less environmental impact than conventional ones.

Furthermore, our products feature compatibility with low GWP refrigerants such as R513A, R290 and CO2. Not only that, but we also offer tailor-made solutions for industrial chiller installations requiring tandem and tridem compressors.


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