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Hydraulic Oil Chiller

The need for chillers in multiple industrial processes meets a growing demand for units with the best energy efficiency, as well as a low environmental impact. When it comes to hydraulic oil chillers, reliability and stability are two features that are paramount in order to ensure the optimal performance of all types of industrial processes.

Our catalogue of components and units for hydraulic oil chillers at Area Cooling Solutions has been designed and branded with a high regard for energy efficiency, durability and quality. As such, our solutions for hydraulic oil chillers come in different shapes and sizes, with a wide range of features to cover all industrial needs and requirements. Some of the components and technologies used by our hydraulic oil chiller units are scroll compressors, PHE heat exchangers, PLC temperature controllers, expansion valves, digital temperature controllers, air filters, and sight glasses, among many other features.

Find the best solutions for hydraulic oil chillers at Area Cooling Solutions

Whether the industrial application in question concerns metal cutting, shearing, hydroforming or milling, among many other possibilities, our high-quality hydraulic oil chillers will dissipate unwanted heat in the most efficient and reliable way. Feel free to consult our team of experts at Area Cooling Solutions on what kind of components and units your industry requires.

We always guarantee the highest reliability in the most demanding applications, and the best performance under severe ambient conditions, without compromising on energy efficiency.

Browse through our wide range of solutions for hydraulic oil chillers and find the device that best suits you.