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Over recent years, the data centre industry has experienced relentless growth. New cloud storage technologies have met an ever-increasing demand for quicker connectivity and improved uptimes, with cloud traffic and users growing exponentially year after year.

Naturally, this entails a greater need for online storage capacities, with bigger and more powerful servers. Although users may be under the impression that the cloud does not inhabit an actual physical location, data centres, on the other hand, have been undergoing constant expansion. Not only are data centres evolving and becoming larger, both in terms of physical size and energy density, but they are also blooming worldwide. More and more enterprises are opening their own data centres in order to meet their demand for data storage.

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Clearly, the cloud is here to stay. Which is why it is essential for data centres, now more than ever, to rely upon efficient energy-saving cooling systems. They are indispensable for the optimal performance of a data centre. Besides, a well-designed data centre cooling system will also contribute to the profitability of your business, with considerable energy and cost savings. Our team of experts at Area Cooling Solutions will be delighted to advise you on the best product for data centre cooling solutions to suit your needs.