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Close Control for Telecommunications

At Area Cooling Solutions, we strive to provide comprehensive all-around cooling solutions for different industries. In an increasingly connected global reality, telecommunications play a central role in keeping people and businesses from all over the world in touch with one another. It is for this reason that we place such importance on our cooling units for telecom shelters. Without a proper cooling system, a telecommunications network could easily be compromised by bad weather, in the form of rain, fog, hail, or extreme temperatures.

Find the best cooling units for telecom shelters at Area Cooling Solutions

Our products for telecommunications are designated for use both in telecom centres or shelters, as well as data processing and technological centres, among other applications. All in all, our solutions for telecommunications are conceived for any applications requiring stable thermo-hygrometric conditions all year long.

Our products for close control cooling units are capable of regulating ambient temperatures with outstanding accuracy and adapt their cooling capacity to severe working temperatures. As with all our products, at Area Cooling Solutions we give special importance to energy efficiency and reliability. Discover our versatile range of products for telecom shelters, and do not hesitate to consult our team of experts on tailored solutions.