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GMCC Compressors

Advancing Efficiency and Green Technology for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Applications
GMCC, the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of rotary compressors, focuses on providing a comprehensive range of specialized compressors for commercial refrigeration and heat pump applications in the European market. These compressors are developed and designed in collaboration with AREA to meet and exceed current European energy efficiency and low GWP refrigerant regulations. GMCC’s product range offers various features and solutions to cater to present and future needs.

Energy Efficiency and Low Noise for Multiple Applications

GMCC refrigerator compressors incorporate the latest BLDC inverter technology, ensuring low noise levels and energy-saving operation. These advancements not only meet current requirements but also anticipate future demands for refrigerant usage and energy conservation. By utilizing environmentally friendly refrigerants like R290 and adhering to the latest European regulations, GMCC ensures that its compressors are efficient and eco-friendly. They cater to a wide range of applications, including commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, dryers, control systems, air conditioning, and transportation, providing optimal performance and reliability.

Market Leadership and Sustainable Development

As the market leader in rotary compressor manufacturing, GMCC produces over 100 million units annually. As part of the Midea group, GMCC is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly development. They focus on delivering high-efficiency, quality, and cost-competitive compressors that align with low GWP refrigerant and energy efficiency trends. GMCC, along with Area Cooling Solutions in Europe, provides comprehensive technical support throughout the project and product lifecycle.

GMCC’s dedication to green technology is evident in continuous research and development efforts, resulting in product upgrades that prioritize environmental protection, high efficiency, compact size, intelligence, and peace of mind. Over the years, GMCC has improved compressor energy efficiency by over 10%, resulting in annual electricity savings of 5 billion kilowatt-hours. This commitment to sustainable development ensures that GMCC provides high-quality, environmentally friendly power cores for global communities.

GMCC compressor products

R&D and Production

GMCC’s commitment to innovation is supported by a robust research and development infrastructure, with advanced equipment worth over RMB 200 million. They have established excellent R&D and testing centers and hold more than 4,000 patents. GMCC’s extensive R&D capabilities are backed by six global R&D and testing centers, UL-certified laboratories, and state key laboratories. They employ over 900 scientific and technical staff, enabling a comprehensive research and product development system. Their production facilities are equipped with automated production lines and high-quality equipment, guaranteeing the production of high-quality compressors under continuous working conditions.

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GMCC&Welling’s commitment to technological advancement is further reinforced by their scientific research equipment. Noise/vibration test instruments, compressor simulation air conditioning gas load tests, endurance tests, and motor performance tests are conducted in their well-equipped laboratories. These efforts have resulted in significant achievements, including independent compression, ultra-high-speed motor technology, and advancements in natural environmental refrigerant R290.

GMCC Compressors, together with AREA, leads the rotary compressor manufacturing industry by providing efficient, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced solutions for commercial refrigeration and heat pump applications. Through their commitment to green technology, market leadership, and extensive research and development capabilities, GMCC continues to drive innovation and meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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