Experts in advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning

GMCC is the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioner compressors and fastest-growing manufacturer of refrigerator compressors. Top producer of rotary compressors worldwide, GMCC offers a wide range of compressors for household and commercial air conditioning, heat pump, dryers and refrigeration appliances. Always promoting the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants: CO2, R290 and R32.

GMCC product range can meet your current needs but also taking care of future demands in terms of use of HFC refrigerants and energy-saving solutions.

Main product features are:

Low noise and energy-saving thanks to the use of DC inverter technology.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants : CO2, R290

Special horizontal compressors for cooling transport.

Here you can find the list of GMCC products: Compressors hermetic rotary