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Frequently Asked Questions

iCOOL Silent Inverter Condensing Units Area

What is the inverter technology?

The inverter technology allows optimal control of goods temperature and always provides the exact degree of refrigeration capacity required. Additionally, it allows to hold optimum evaporation pressure to have better efficiency of refrigeration circuit.

It is an ideal solution for facilities with large load fluctuations such as proximity stores, supermarkets …

The adjustment of the capacity is done by means of the suction pressure control, through a pressure transducer. Therefore, depending on the signal that reaches the inverter driver, the compressor will rotate at a higher or lower speed. This will prevent the compressor from continuously stopping and starting, contributing to energy savings and the life of the compressor.

What is the different with digital regulation?

In digital technology the motor runs continuously at full speed, and the capacity is adjusted by a digitally controlled mechanical unloader which adjusts the vertical positioning of the orbital scroll with respect to the fixed scroll thereby reducing its capacity.

In inverter technology the capacity is adjusted by a variable speed drive that adjusted the speed of the motor.

The inverter technology is more energy efficient at part load conditions than digital technology. The digital technology will more closely match a specified load but is not as energy efficient as a comparable inverter driven.

How many evaporators can I supply with an iCOOL unit?

The device can handle multiple evaporators. Our experience is 10 evaporators for HFC’s iCOOL and 7 evaporators for CO2 iCOOL. It is important what is the minimum required capacity in relation to the unit.

What is the minimum capacity of evaporator?

The minimum capacity of the unit must be correlated with the capacity of the smallest evaporator and the capacity range of the entire installation (all evaporators). The multi-evaporator system should take into account the simultaneity factor, the level of evaporation and the frequency of operation, e.g. for drink coolers is different than for open shelves.

One option would be to combine several services so that the capacity of both is the minimum capacity of the unit. Also, if here are more smaller evaporators there is a bigger probability of having good enough minimum required capacity due to simultaneity factor.

What is the maximum vertical length approved between evaporator and unit?

The maximum vertical length is 10m with traps every 2m-3m – extra info in manual.

What is the maximum horizontal length approved between evaporator and unit?

The maximum horizontal length is 40m or individual case – extra info in manual.

What is the maximum ambient temperature approved for this unit?

The maximum constant ambient temperature is 43ºC.

What is the minimum ambient temperature approved for this unit?

The minimum ambient temperature is -20ºC For CO2 iCOOL and -25ºC for HFC’s iCOOL. For lower ambient temperatures we recommend extra kit named: “Nordic”.

Is unit pre-charged with refrigerant?

No, it isn’t. All units are filled dry nitrogen.

Do I need a laptop or a smartphone for unit configuration during startup?

You need it for CO2 iCOOL for configuration of main controller, smartphone is enough but more convenient to use is PC computer. Unit is parametrized in standard, but few parameters should be checked during startup and adjusted if necessary – for example in standard unit is configured for -10° evaporation.

For HFC’s iCOOL use of SD card installed in the unit for inverter configuration is enough.

Should I mount the unit on vibration isolators?

Yes, it is required to use vibration isolators with sufficient load capacity for the weight of unit, full-length support of the feet is required for units over 200 kg, point support of feet is not recommended for units over 150 kg.

Dynamic setpoint for condenser pressure control is available?

The CO2 iCOOL has a sensor ambient to dynamic setpoint.

For HFC’s iCOOL is not yet possible.

Can I connect iCOOL units to a 60 Hz power supply?

It is not possible for tandem units; the power supply must be 380-420V/3ph/50Hz.

Can I add heat recovery to the unit?

Yes, it is possible on request.

Can I use a standard SD card to load/save parameters on unit?

Yes, you can use a standard SD card.

What languages are available on controller display?

In HFC the display only shows numeric parameters, not defined any specific languages.

For iCOOL CO2 standard English, DE, FR are developed.

Is safety mode switched automatically?

It is not automatically, use the -S1 switch to select the unit operating mode.

In CO2 iCOOL and other iCOOL’s with one compressor and BLDC compressor (AVIC) there is no safety mode.

Must I connect remote control with WiFi, wiring or SIM card?

Yes, you can connect remote control with WiFi, ethernet cable or SIM – depending on solution ordered.

In CO2 units the possibility id to connect by any of these types, but we advise to use GSM as most reliable and independent of local shop/installations network infrastructures.

Can I control my cabinets and cooling chambers with iCOOL remote control system?

Yes, you can control iCOOL unit and up to 30 other controllers – cabinets and cooling chambers (option for more cabinets also possible under request). Controllers from these cabinets must have Modbus RTU communication to connect them to remote control system

Can I use my own remote-control system together with iCOOL remote control system?

It should be consult with R&D department. Not all systems are ready to connect with iCOOL units.

Can I receive SMS and/or mails regarding alarms on iCOOL units and cabinets/cooling chambers?

Yes, you can set which alarms you want to receive by SMS and/or mail.

In an iCOOL with more than one compressor, when does the second compressor comes into play/turns on?

After the inverter compressor passes a frequency of 80 Hz, and if suction pressure is higher than setpoint, there is a 45 s delay for the second compressor to turn on, depends on the cooling demand.

What additional options are available to add into an iCOOL unit?

There are different options: Heat recovery, Nordic option, we recommend these kinds of units for very low ambient temperatures. MAX option for indoor installation with special high-pressure fan. Marine option whit anticorrosive materials

Is the compressor protected according working envelope?

Yes, we measure temperature and pressure for critical points if limit conditions are exceeded inverter compressor will slow down or speed up (depending in which point it is working). Shutdown is forced only if limitations will not bring compressor again in to working envelope.

How is the lubrication of the compressor guaranteed?

iCOOL units have integrated algorithm for oil return. This function also generates a signal that can be optionally connected with cabinets control system.

Compressors hermetic scroll Panasonic

Is the Panasonic pipe and feet configuration the same as Copeland or Danfoss uses?

For C-SB, the mounting foot and pipe configuration is the same.

For C-CS, the mounting foot is the same, but there will be some tubing changes or modifications required.

How to determine the reverse rotation of 3phase models?

Continued operation in reverse rotation has the potential of causing internal compressor damage or compressor failure.

Corrective: Reversal of any two of the power supply wires to the line/load side of the compressor control contactor will correct the reverse operation.

User the reversal defensible relay o protect the compressor from reverse rotation operation.

Items Normal rotation Reversal rotation
Discharge Temp. Rapidly increasing No obvius change
Suction Temp. Decline Slightly increasing
Discharge pressure Rapidly increasing No obvius change
Suction pressure Decline No obvius change
Sound level Slightly higher then coming to steadily Noisy
Internal linebreak Normal Tripping after 2-3 minutes
Is it possible to use a starter kit with a PSC type motor?

It is not possible. The reason why PANASONIC don’t advise to use kit starter is, with motor design, the voltage on the kit starter will be very high, so it may burn the kit starter.

If customers use HP and LP pressure switch in the system, is it necessary to use discharge thermostat to protect the compressor?

The discharge thermostat is required if HP and LP pressure switch settings don’t protect compressor against operation beyond its specific envelope.

What is the reason of reverse rotation noise when compressor shut down?

The function of discharge check valve is to eliminate the noise of reverse rotation when compressor shut down. The valve plate is pushed up by the discharge pressure at normal running conditions and will keep at the top position of valve seat. When compressor shut down, the valve will return to its original position, on top of the discharge port.

Sometimes, if the A/C system is not clear, the impurity in the system could impact this valve plate during compressor running, and break the valve plate into several small pieces, which could be taken out of the compressor by the discharging gas. If so, the compressor will run without discharge check valve, in such condition, the compressor will always have a reverse rotation noise when shut down, but this will not affect the reliability of the compressor.

What is the reason for clatter noise of compressor in some special cases?

During high compression ratio conditions (≥10), the suction pressure drop causes compressor to discharge gas discontinuously, the internal discharge check valve will open and shut repeatedly and make clatter.

Can you use PANASONIC compressors with Pump down system?

There is no problem to use compressors with pump down system. A separate external check valve must be added to the discharge line if pump-down is used.

Can propane (R290) be used in PANASONIC scroll compressors?

R290 is a highly flammable substance, there is a risk of fire if it leaks into the atmosphere.

That is way PANASONIC can’t give the approval to R290 for scroll compressor.

Are R407C compressor possible to use with others refrigerant?

The compressors can work with R407F, R407A, R404A, R448A, R449A, R134a, R513A, there isn’t any lubrication problem. But it is very important to use a discharge sensor, the discharge temperature is higher when the compressor works with R407F, R448A or R449A. The application limits must be respected for each refrigerant, consult technical data sheets.

What is the life time of PANASONIC scroll compressors?

The lifetime of compressors depends on the total annual running hours and the running conditions system.

If properly applied to approved application conditions which are stated in the compressors Approval Sheet, PANASONIC compressors will have a service life of 20000 hours with very low failure rate.

For example (AC):

  • Cooling season: 3 months
  • Heating season: 3,5 months
  • 244 hours per month (30,5days *12 hours*2/3)
  • 1.586 hours per year (6,5 months *244 Hours)
  • Life time: 12,6 years (20.000/1586)
It is possible to manage the compressor with a converter frequency with AC induction standard motor?

The range of frequency is 45Hz to 65Hz for B8 models (380-415V/50Hz, 440-460V/60Hz)

It is possible to make a tandem with different compressors?

Yes it is possible to make a tandem system with different compressors if use B+B model or C+C models. But could not use B+C models.

It is possible to mix PVE with POE oil?

It is possible to add small volume of POE (with the same viscosity) into oil PVE, the percentage of POE should be lower than 5%.

Compressors hermetic rotary GMCC

Is it possible to use the compressor with another refrigerant?

Can only be used with the refrigerant indicated on the compressor label.

Is it necessary to use a phase control relay?

No, the GMCC compressors are monophase.

What is the difference between single and twin rotary?

Less vibration. The vibration of the rotary compressor in operation can be broken down into two sources: vibration in the normal direction of the cylindrical case resulting from the mass imbalance in the shaft rotor rotation system, and vibration in the rotational direction resulting from the pulsation of compressed refrigerant gas.

The mass imbalance in the shaft rotor rotation system is offset by installing balancing weight in the upper and the lower part of the rotor to keep the unbalanced force of rotation and the unbalanced force of moment in balance.

What is mean high-pressure shell?

Rotary compressors are high pressure shell type compressors. The suction on these compressors is taken directly into the compression chamber. Gas compressed in the compression chamber is discharged into the compressor casing. As the shell is on the high pressure side, discharge gas containing oil droplets is discharged inside the shell one. Therefore, the shell function s as on oil separator, enabling favorable lubrication with a small amount of discharge oil from the compressor to the condenser.

What is the function of the accumulator?

The function of the accumulator is protecting the compressor of excessive refrigerant, oil or impurity in the suction chamber of the compressor.

What is the lifetime?

200000 cycles or less, 5 minutes or more every cycle  (ON:2MINUTES OR MORE,OFF:2MINUTES MORE.

How many degrees of incline can it have?

The compressor should be run at a gradient of up to 5º.