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Inverter driverArea by BonfiglioliACS402 21 3 FA

Area by BonfiglioliArea exclusive distribution for Europe
Power supply

400 V-50/60 Hz-3 ph

Other remarks

Class A (EN 61800-3) Integrated, Control of asynchronous induction motors and synchronous permanent magnet motors, Overload capacity: up to 150% for 60s, 200% for 1s., Inputs / Outputs:
• Safe Stop Inputs (STOA, STOB)
• 5 Digital Inputs (4x Transistor, 1x In/Out)
• 4 Digital outputs (1x Relay, 1x Transistor, 1x In/Out, 1x Multifunction)
• 2 Analog Inputs
(0-10V or 0/4..20mA + 0-10V or 0/4..20mA or PTC or Pt1000 or KTY)
• 1 Analog Output (0-10V or PWM or Digital)
• 24 V DC supply on board
• 10V DC supply for potentiometer (or other simple regulator), Memory Card Port (SD/MMC), PLC inside inverter

Communication interfaces

RS485 Integrated Modbus, Integrated Systembus, Integrated CANopen, RS 232 Optional, Profibus DP V1 Optional, DeviceNet Optional, EtherCAT Optional, ProiNet Optional, VABus, TCP Optional

Operation temperature

0 – 40 ºC (55 ºC with power reduction)

Operating humidity range

5 – 85 %, Without condensation

Protection type


Maximum output current

17,0 A

Dimensions (HxWxD)

200 x 125 x 205 mm