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Technical solutions respecting the environment and contributing to energy savings

We understand your business, and we’ll love working with you to find the most appropiate equipment for your project, either for conventional, A2L or CO2 refrigerants

Are you a wholesaler a manufacturer a contractor an engineering company or an end-user?

Specialists in refrigeration & HVAC Products

We are AREA, the HVAC and Refrigeration company

Innovation, sustainability and service are at
the heart of everything we do.
We develop smart solutions for a green future.
To provide the compressors, controls, and refrigeration units that professionals love.

What we do

Condensing units and special projects designed and manufactured in the EU. Factory ISO 9001 approved. TÜV certified standard products.

Technical support
Provide enhanced technical support for your projects and documentation in your language to develop your next generation of products.

We manage the logistics chain to make the product widely available in Europe, under EU rules.