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Refrigeration components

Our “Refrigeration Components” range includes key parts like Noise Reduction Kits, Condenser Coils, and Capillary Tubes, each designed for optimal refrigeration system performance. Liquid Receivers, Electrical Parts, and Run Capacitors ensure system stability, while Crankcase Heaters and Valves maintain efficiency and control. This suite supports the high demands of modern refrigeration with precision and reliability.

Find the best industrial and commercial refrigeration accessories at Area Cooling Solutions

The optimal performance of a cold chain depends on a variety of factors and the interaction between many different refrigeration components. The deficiency or failure of any of the parts that make up a refrigeration system can significantly harm the cold chain or prevent it to operate at its full potential. This is why at Area Cooling Solutions we are committed to providing only the very best commercial and industrial refrigeration system components in the market.

Various range of compressor capacitors and refrigeration parts. Crankcase heaters for piston, rotary, and scroll compressors. Refrigeration system accesories such as filter driers, sight glasses, condenser coils, different types of valves, and many other accessories to assure and improve your system efficiency. Liquid receivers, capillary tubes, pressure switches, and mounting grommets, which all have an essential role in a refrigeration system. AREA also provides lubricant oils for different refrigerants with different viscosities according to the compressor application.

Among our diverse catalogue of industrial and commercial refrigeration accessories, you will find a wide range of state of the art refrigeration system components. From suction and oil separators to filters, condensers and sight glasses, we have everything you need for a highly-performing cold chain. Not to mention a full range of valves, in different formats such as ball or rotalock valves, for an improved refrigeration system efficiency. Some of our other cold chain components include vertical and horizontal liquid receivers, capillary tubes, pressure switches and mounting grommets.

Our cutting-edge refrigeration system components are either exclusive Area Cooling Solutions products or are manufactured by leading global brands in the industry such as Parker Sporlan, Alco or Dunan. Make sure to use our search filters to find the exact refrigeration system components that best suit your needs.