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Inverter drivers

Inverter drivers (Frequency converters) are used to regulate the rotation speed of compressors. Consequently, regulation of speed (regulation of compressor capacity) allows significant reduction of energy consumption to be achieved by maintaining optimal evaporation / condensation pressure and limitation of compressor start/stop cycles. Additionally, compressor starts smoothly (ramps up) and by that starting current and wear of compressor components is reduced at startup.

There is also a possibility to control pressure and/or temperature directly by inverter adapting existing solutions/units to inverter compressors or even make use of them in new applications and processes.

Inverters are required for all compressors with modern permanent magnet motors. Further increase of requirements regarding COP in HVAC and Refrigeration systems lead to use of permanent magnet motors inside the compressors (PMSM and BLDC technology). This technology allows compressors not only to be more efficient but also to work in much wider range of speeds and by that eliminating in many cases need of tandem solutions (1 asynchronous motor inverter compressor + fixed speed compressor).

Area has to offer a wide range of inverters including industrial grade and OEM solutions.