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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers provide solutions for heating, cooling, air conditioning, industrial and residential applications, process cooling. Heat exchanger improves system performance in high extend as a fluid flow through very narrow channels in which makes it possible to achieve large contact surface between two fluids. Compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) have been designed to cover all requirements in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Find the best plate heat exchangers at Area Cooling Solutions

At Area Cooling we are committed to providing the best-quality and most performing cold chain products and components. Our exclusive Kelvion heat exchangers are no exception.
Compact plate heat exchangers are a crucial factor within many cold chains. A unit that should never be overlooked. Our plate heat exchangers have a major advantage over other conventional heat exchangers. The cutting-edge technology of our compact plate heat exchangers eases the speed of temperature change, contributing to the energy-efficiency of the cold chain.

AREA supplies BPHEs, consisting brazed corrugated channel plates where a hot or cold fluid circulates. Equipped with the proven technical features like Safety ChamberTM, Delta InjectionTM and Full Flow SystemTM the Units are ideal for applications of all sizes with max. 200°C. BPHEs are efficient, reliable, low-price, and can be customized according to your needs, flexibility in terms of size, different connections, flow arrangements and accessories.

Among our heat exchangers, you will find a wide range of products catering to cover all requirements in air conditioning and refrigeration. All our compact heat exchangers are made with stainless steel welding of copper or nickel to ensure maximum durability. Furthermore, the working pressure of our highly-performing heat exchangers is of 30 bar or more. Make sure to use our search filters to find the exact heat exchangers that best suit your needs.