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Commercial and Industrial Fans

AREA supplies EC motors, shaded pole motors, axial AC and EC fans, and various fan accessories. They are applicable for evaporators, condensers, cabinets in supermarkets, and small refrigeration devices, like beer coolers and ice cube machines, as well as in ventilation equipment and condensing units.

Find the best commercial and industrial fans at Area Cooling Solutions

As with all our products, at Area Cooling Solutions we are committed to providing the best fans and fans accesories to guarantee that our clients’ refrigeration needs are completely covered. We have different series of equipment for commercial and industrial fans available with a variety of features, such as Shaded pole fan motors ranging from 5 to 34 W with multiple or simple fastenings.

We also provide a wide array of commercial and industrial fans with external rotors available in different sizes and number of poles, from 250 mm to 710 mm, and 4 to 6 poles. Some of our special cutting-edge models can even operate with temperatures as low as -40º C. All our commercial and industrial fans are energy-saving, profitable, stable, and reliable. They are operating in wide range of temperature which makes them a good choice to equipe and upgrade your refrigeration system.

Our catalogue of industrial and commercial fans is tailored to provide the best cutting-edge technology for an impeccable cold chain process. Browse through our extensive range of accessories and axial AC and EC fans with different blade sizes and types, fan grids, rings and supporting stands. Make sure to use our search filters to find the exact commercial and industrial fans and fans accessories that best suit your needs.