Experts in advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning


Refrigeration systems require different types of evaporators. To meet the high expectations of the refrigeration market, we have introduced to our offer modern Area Cooling Solutions air coolers of the REJ, REJB, REC, REA, REB series and a wide range of Kobol air coolers. This product group includes products that are fully adapted to the current requirements.

Cubic evaporators REA and CR series are useful, for commercial chilling applications at high and medium temperature with cooling capacity range from 3 kW up to 40 kW. While for commercial freezing applications at low-temperature are available coolers REB and CC series with cooling capacity range 0,8 – 35 kW. Also, mini evaporators REJ, REJB, MR and MC series can be used for the same mentioned applications with cooling capacity range 0,7-4,1 kW.

The highly efficient coils of this evaporators are made from copper tube and special profile aluminum fins. Heat exchangers are supplied clean and tested under a pressure of 30 bars. Casing of the coolers are painted white powder coated aluminum with high corrosion strength, impact resistance and does not produce polluting debris. Evaporative air coolers are equipped with high quality axial fan motors with high safety standards fitted well to the unit casing. Electric defrost heaters made from stainless steel are covered by the aluminum tubes and located in the finned pack and the drain pan. Electrical parts and wiring are connected to junction box with access holes equipped with water-proof cable glands. Coolers series REJ, REJB, REC, REA and REB are complying with the European directives EN 60730-1:2011 and EN 60730-2-6:2016.