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Panasonic Hermetic Scroll Compressors stand out in the HVAC and refrigeration industry for their efficiency, durability, and reliability. These compressors are a smart choice for businesses looking to achieve optimal performance, space efficiency, and long-term savings. Engineered with cutting-edge scroll technology, these compressors are designed for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump applications, offering a streamlined solution that reduces mechanical complexity. This leads to smoother operation, minimal vibration, and a quieter performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Panasonic pipe and feet configuration the same as Copeland or Danfoss uses?

For C-SB, the mounting foot and pipe configuration is the same.

For C-CS, the mounting foot is the same, but there will be some tubing changes or modifications required.

How to determine the reverse rotation of 3phase models?

Continued operation in reverse rotation has the potential of causing internal compressor damage or compressor failure.

Corrective: Reversal of any two of the power supply wires to the line/load side of the compressor control contactor will correct the reverse operation.

User the reversal defensible relay o protect the compressor from reverse rotation operation.

Items Normal rotation Reversal rotation
Discharge Temp. Rapidly increasing No obvius change
Suction Temp. Decline Slightly increasing
Discharge pressure Rapidly increasing No obvius change
Suction pressure Decline No obvius change
Sound level Slightly higher then coming to steadily Noisy
Internal linebreak Normal Tripping after 2-3 minutes
Is it possible to use a starter kit with a PSC type motor?

It is not possible. The reason why PANASONIC don’t advise to use kit starter is, with motor design, the voltage on the kit starter will be very high, so it may burn the kit starter.

If customers use HP and LP pressure switch in the system, is it necessary to use discharge thermostat to protect the compressor?

The discharge thermostat is required if HP and LP pressure switch settings don’t protect compressor against operation beyond its specific envelope.

What is the reason of reverse rotation noise when compressor shut down?

The function of discharge check valve is to eliminate the noise of reverse rotation when compressor shut down. The valve plate is pushed up by the discharge pressure at normal running conditions and will keep at the top position of valve seat. When compressor shut down, the valve will return to its original position, on top of the discharge port.

Sometimes, if the A/C system is not clear, the impurity in the system could impact this valve plate during compressor running, and break the valve plate into several small pieces, which could be taken out of the compressor by the discharging gas. If so, the compressor will run without discharge check valve, in such condition, the compressor will always have a reverse rotation noise when shut down, but this will not affect the reliability of the compressor.

What is the reason for clatter noise of compressor in some special cases?

During high compression ratio conditions (≥10), the suction pressure drop causes compressor to discharge gas discontinuously, the internal discharge check valve will open and shut repeatedly and make clatter.

Can you use PANASONIC compressors with Pump down system?

There is no problem to use compressors with pump down system. A separate external check valve must be added to the discharge line if pump-down is used.

Can propane (R290) be used in PANASONIC scroll compressors?

R290 is a highly flammable substance, there is a risk of fire if it leaks into the atmosphere.

That is way PANASONIC can’t give the approval to R290 for scroll compressor.

Are R407C compressor possible to use with others refrigerant?

The compressors can work with R407F, R407A, R404A, R448A, R449A, R134a, R513A, there isn’t any lubrication problem. But it is very important to use a discharge sensor, the discharge temperature is higher when the compressor works with R407F, R448A or R449A. The application limits must be respected for each refrigerant, consult technical data sheets.

What is the life time of PANASONIC scroll compressors?

The lifetime of compressors depends on the total annual running hours and the running conditions system.

If properly applied to approved application conditions which are stated in the compressors Approval Sheet, PANASONIC compressors will have a service life of 20000 hours with very low failure rate.

For example (AC):

  • Cooling season: 3 months
  • Heating season: 3,5 months
  • 244 hours per month (30,5days *12 hours*2/3)
  • 1.586 hours per year (6,5 months *244 Hours)
  • Life time: 12,6 years (20.000/1586)
It is possible to manage the compressor with a converter frequency with AC induction standard motor?

The range of frequency is 45Hz to 65Hz for B8 models (380-415V/50Hz, 440-460V/60Hz)

It is possible to make a tandem with different compressors?

Yes it is possible to make a tandem system with different compressors if use B+B model or C+C models. But could not use B+C models.

It is possible to mix PVE with POE oil?

It is possible to add small volume of POE (with the same viscosity) into oil PVE, the percentage of POE should be lower than 5%.