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Compressors hermetic rotary GMCC

GMCC Hermetic Rotary Compressors are known for their energy efficiency and reliability in air conditioning and refrigeration, featuring a compact design and hermetic seal for clean operation. They provide stable climate control with low maintenance, meeting the demands of various applications. The advanced rotary technology also supports environmental sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use the compressor with another refrigerant?

Can only be used with the refrigerant indicated on the compressor label.

Is it necessary to use a phase control relay?

No, the GMCC compressors are monophase.

What is the difference between single and twin rotary?

Less vibration. The vibration of the rotary compressor in operation can be broken down into two sources: vibration in the normal direction of the cylindrical case resulting from the mass imbalance in the shaft rotor rotation system, and vibration in the rotational direction resulting from the pulsation of compressed refrigerant gas.

The mass imbalance in the shaft rotor rotation system is offset by installing balancing weight in the upper and the lower part of the rotor to keep the unbalanced force of rotation and the unbalanced force of moment in balance.

What is mean high-pressure shell?

Rotary compressors are high pressure shell type compressors. The suction on these compressors is taken directly into the compression chamber. Gas compressed in the compression chamber is discharged into the compressor casing. As the shell is on the high pressure side, discharge gas containing oil droplets is discharged inside the shell one. Therefore, the shell function s as on oil separator, enabling favorable lubrication with a small amount of discharge oil from the compressor to the condenser.

What is the function of the accumulator?

The function of the accumulator is protecting the compressor of excessive refrigerant, oil or impurity in the suction chamber of the compressor.

What is the lifetime?

200000 cycles or less, 5 minutes or more every cycle  (ON:2MINUTES OR MORE,OFF:2MINUTES MORE.

How many degrees of incline can it have?

The compressor should be run at a gradient of up to 5º.