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Bristol Compressors International: A Leading Manufacturer of Energy-Efficient Compressors

Bristol Compressors International, LLC, is a renowned manufacturer of hermetic compressors for residential and light commercial air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications. With over 40 years of experience, Bristol Compressors has established itself as a trusted solutions provider to original equipment manufacturers and wholesale distributors worldwide.

Bristol Compressors offers a comprehensive range of compressors to meet the needs of various applications in residential, commercial, and industrial segments. Customers can choose from compressors with different capacities, SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), and sound levels, allowing for tailored solutions in air conditioning, heat pump, geothermal, and refrigeration systems.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

Bristol Compressors is dedicated to delivering environmentally conscious and energy-efficient products. By offering a wide range of ozone-friendly refrigerant compressors, including fixed- and variable-frequency drive configurations, the company supports sustainable solutions for the HVACR industry.


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Global Reach and Manufacturing Excellence

Operating across six continents and more than 60 countries, Bristol Compressors has a truly global presence. In late 2018, Kulthorn Kirby acquired the equipment, machinery, and intellectual properties necessary for manufacturing “Bristol” Compressors in Bangkok, Thailand. With a meticulous dismantling and relocation process, Bristol Compressors’ machinery has been set up in Thailand to ensure consistent quality.

Lean Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

At Bristol Compressors, operational effectiveness is paramount. With a 750,000 square feet headquarters in Bristol, Tennessee, the company has integrated world-class machining capabilities and reconfigured high-volume assembly lines. By implementing lean manufacturing processes, Bristol Compressors ensures efficient operations while maintaining a focus on safety, quality, and continuous improvement.

Bristol Compressors by Kulthorn Kirby is committed to being a leader in the world of motor-compressor manufacturing. To achieve this, all products undergo rigorous testing and certification to meet major safety standards such as CE, UL, TUV, CCC, and SASO. This dedication to quality and compliance allows Bristol Compressors to supply its high-quality products to the global market. 

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As a global leader in compressor manufacturing, Bristol Compressors International, LLC, continues to provide innovative and energy-efficient solutions to its customers. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility, manufacturing excellence, and global safety standards,  

Bristol Compressors is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of the HVACR industry. 

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