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Inverter Drives: Unleashing the Power of Precise Control and Energy Efficiency

Inverter drives are essential for regulating applications involving compressor rotation speed. They offer precise adjustments, enhance energy efficiency, and adapt to different processes. This is particularly crucial for compressors with BLDC motors, providing a higher speed range and superior efficiency. Inverter drives also soften starts, reducing the current required and extending the lifespan of compressor components. They grant precise control over pressures and temperatures, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance. Inverter drives revolutionize control and efficiency, empowering industries to achieve productivity and performance.

Bonfiglioli: a global company specializing in manufacturing cutting-edge solutions that meet customer demands.

With a firm belief in the power of the fourth industrial revolution and digital integration, Bonfiglioli strives to optimize production, enhance logistics, and deliver exceptional products promptly. The company’s commitment to R&D, quality standards, safety, and environmental sustainability has made it a preferred partner in the industry.

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Quality, Safety, and Environmental Responsibility

Bonfiglioli prioritizes quality, safety, environmental consciousness, and energy efficiency throughout its value chain. From small suppliers to end clients, the company upholds the highest quality standards and aims to generate value while respecting people and the environment. By designing, manufacturing, and supplying effective products and services, Bonfiglioli sets a benchmark for excellence in the industry. The company’s management systems are certified under ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, and ISO50001:2018, while its products boast seven international certifications. Bonfiglioli’s commitment to responsibility, excellence, and continuous improvement solidifies its position as a trusted partner for both clients and suppliers.

Environment & Energy: Respecting the Present, Building the Future

At Bonfiglioli, the philosophy of respecting the present and embracing environmental protection and energy efficiency policies shapes its vision for a better future. As a leader in the automation industry, the company leverages over 60 years of know-how to deliver advanced digitalization solutions. From sensors to cloud-based services, Bonfiglioli’s extensive product portfolio enables customers to access crucial information about their products and conditions. By utilizing software, hardware, and algorithms, Bonfiglioli empowers users to enforce predictive maintenance, prevent machine damage, and monitor application status effectively. Through their range of digital solutions, the company contributes to environmental preservation and energy conservation.

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