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Why choosing R32 and GMCC?

There are little ‘off-shelf solutions’ out there to react on the F-Gas Regulation and European Refrigerant Drop-Down Plan. This is the reason why the HVAC&R sector is marked by uncertainty.
With R32 a solution is out there. R32 is the leading low-GWP alternative to R410A worldwide. It is standard for split AC systems in Japan and tested in the field for years.
AREA officially launches the GMCC R32 range in Europe and show a clear road to react effective, fast and easy to the current uncertain situation with an off-shelf solution for the future.
A complete catalogue of R32 compressors in inverter and fix speed from 1 to 25kW (Working Point ARI Te 7,2ºC/Tc 54,4ºC) is available now.
Why choosing R32 and GMCC?
High efficiency Refrigerant
Available, reliable and long-time approved refrigerant
More than 3 years of compressor production in R32 at GMCC
Full compressor range
No gas-Injection needed to reach condensing temperatures up to 60ºC
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