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Welcome iCOOL 7 CO2

The new iCOOL 7 CO2 of Area Cooling Solutions is now released for mass production. After almost 3 years of field experience with dozens of iCOOL 15 CO2 up and working all around Europe, our R&D engineers have succeeded to develop a compact CO2 unit with all necessary safety measures.

The main challenge was to design an advanced oil management system, suitable for a multi-evaporator operation, with long piping lines.

Thanks to our active PLC control, this transcritical CO2 unit is offering a reliable and efficient solution. Like in all other iCOOL CO2 ranges, a remote control feature is included as standard.

The unit may operate in ambient temperatures between -20 C and 43 C. It is powered by a EVI twin rotary, inverter-driven Panasonic compressor for MT and LT application.

iCOOL 7 CO2 is the perfect solution for zero GWP applications, such as fast-food restaurants, service stations, frozen food and convenience stores, ice makers, and similar. It is TÜV certified.

Choosing iCOOL is the guarantee of a successful and efficient installation.

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