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Remote control, a solution available now

Remote control system, a future-oriented solution already offered as standard on our CO2 units.

In the figure below you can see the performance of transcritical CO2 installation with a requirement of approximately 5,5 kW @ -30ºC evaporation temperature equipped with the AREA iCOOL 15 CO2 MT/LT unit.

A few days after the commissioning, the freezing chamber was charged. On the left side of the graph, it is shown the unit’s functionality before the control modification:

it is clear that the iCOOL unit is not working properly, one could even think that it is oversized.

But our experts quickly realized that the unit’s operating time was far too regular under any operating conditions.

Accordingly, the chamber controller was connected through ModBus to AREA remote control system to monitor the whole installation and better understand the root cause.

Immediately, our experts noticed an important variation of the superheating, which indicated that additional adjustment to be made on the electronic expansion valve.

Once the adjustments were made, the right side of the graph is shown the normal operation of the installation.

AREA remote control system is more than an advanced monitoring tool, furthermore it gives you an access to our specialists who willingly help you with measurements, interpretation of the results and optimization of devices operation, which will make your installations reliable and trouble-free.

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Compressor performance of iCOOL 15 CO2 MT/LT unit before and after modification in installation.