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Panasonic launches R290 Compressor natural refrigerant

Our partner, is spearheading the development of a groundbreaking product range of R290 scrolls, designed to meet the upcoming F-Gas and P-Fas regulations.

With a focus on natural refrigerants, this new range features both inverter and on-off models capable of delivering up to 20 HP. These compressors are engineered to provide exceptional energy efficiency, boasting a COP greater than 3.5 (ARI), and can be used for a wide range of applications, including heat pumps, chillers, and refrigeration.

Be a part of the sustainable cooling revolution with this exciting new development from Panasonic.

R290 Series Scroll Roadmap

Heating capacity

R290 DC Inverter

Output HP

R290 Fix Speed

R290 Series new frame

E Series Scroll compressor

G Series Scroll compressor

F Series Scroll compressor

At Area we are working on different product range since years in order to offer the best solution according to final approved regulation.

R290 Series Scroll Compressor include new design features:

  • Refrigeration oil PZ68S (PAG): Better mutual solubility with R290
  • Ceramics terminal & Plastic protecting shell: Inside the compressor, the ceramics terminal is protected by a plastic shell to avoid sparking caused by the impurity.
  • IP67 Terminal box: IP67 level terminal box, be applicable to avoid sparking caused by external factors
  • Brazing oil port for tandem use: Brazing type of oil balance port, to avoid leakage in tandem application.

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