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New inverter transcritical unit iCOOL MAX 15 CO2

Inverter condensing units iCOOL: Successful story since 2010
The first condensing unit iCOOL was installed in November 2010, a request from a customer who was not satisfied with the mechanical step-less capacity control and was looking for the right combination between modularity and energy efficiency for their convenience store.

Inverter transcritical unit iCOOL MAX 15 CO2: An innovative solution for urban stores.

Indoor based condensing unit, is the first high-pressure unit working with CO2 refrigerant in the market.

Here are some perks of iCOOL MAX 15 CO2:
Compact Indoor Unit perfect for retail stores;
Dimensions: 800 mm wide, 1.700 mm height, 1.326 mm length;
Can be carried around in elevators and standard doors;
120 Pa air pressure available with a high-pressure EC fan. Innovative directional fan orientation;
Built-in gas cooler provides for easier and faster installation;
Requires shorter piping connections;
Unit can be used in hot climates as it’s designed to work indoors;
Operation approved up to 43ºC ambient temperature;
Remote control monitoring;
Regular maintenance and diagnostics can be handled via Smartphones or Tablets;
Alarms are sent via SMS or email.
This condensing unit is perfect for retail shops, supermarkets, and other businesses with refrigeration needs. The unit’s compact size eases the installation inside any technical room.

Suitable for cooling cabinets from 11 to 18 linear meters