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Let’s Talk Natural Refrigerants: France, Italy and Spain!

Join us at our upcoming exhibitions to explore our expanded R744 product portfolio. Discover solutions for commercial refrigeration, including our star product, the iCOOL 30D CO2 MT, powered by Panasonic two-stage BLDC inverter compressors, the market’s largest compact CO2 unit.

Learn about Areacademy, our interactive knowledge hub, and explore our range of compressors and components for natural refrigerants CO2 and R744.

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iCOOL 30D CO2 MT, the newest transcritical CO2 unit

Based on a tandem of Panasonic two-stage BLDC inverter compressors. It provides 30,2 kW @-10ºC/+32ºC at full capacity, with a step-less 25-100% modulation range. Each BLDC compressor is equipped with two oil-level sensors. Smart oil management system, managed by the main controller. Customized software to secure suitable lubrication of the system.

iCOOL 30D CO2 MT is the biggest compact CO2 unit based on the tandem of hermetic compressors on the market. The iCOOL 30D CO2 MT is the perfect solution for decentralized medium size cooling systems. The redundancy of the cooling units provides the increased safety of the installation and better parameterization of the evaporators, improving the final product’s quality.

New iCOOL™ SE Series

Inverter technology at the cost of on-off. Easy to install, with a simplified commissioning process. The small extra cost over a conventional on-off unit is recovered by the end user in a few weeks!

Inverter technology has never been this easy.

Compressors and Components

Full solution for Natural refrigerants in refrigeration applications, in line with upcoming limitation from F-Gas and P-Fas regulations.

R290 Rotary Compressor: Inverter and on-off range for LP and MP applications with a condensing temperature up to 83ºC

R290 Scroll Compressor: Inverter and on-off range with condensing temperature up to 85ºC

CO2 Double – Stage Solution: Inverter range with water temperature up to 90ºC

CO2 Scroll Compressor: Inverter with vapor injection. Horizontal models available.

Fans and Motors: EC and AC fans and motors.

Inverter Drivers: Full plug & play package solution.

Meet us at France, Italy and Spain


October 10th – 12th | Paris, Frace

SIFA is an event dedicated to all refrigeration players: OEM, manufacturers, installers, final users, expertise, etc.

Meet us @Stand B45

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November 7th– 9th | Bologna, Italy

Refrigera is the only international event dedicated exclusively to the entire chain of the industrial, commercial and logistics of the refrigeration industry.

Meet us @Stand C30 – D29 Hall 30

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November 14th – 17th | Madrid, Spain

C&R is the major international event organized by IFEMA for the Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation as well as Industrial Cold and Commercial sectors of reference in Spain.

Meet us @Stand 7F01 Hall 7

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6 reasons why to choose CO2 (R744)

Check out our latest areacademy article and discover 6 reasons why to choose CO2 (R744). CO2 (R744), as a natural refrigerant, is increasingly applied in refrigeration systems. The market transition from high-GWP refrigerants to eco-friendly solutions goes hand in hand with technological developments like CO2 transcritical inverter units.

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