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Inverter condensing units iCOOL performance during the heat wave

The situation in Europe had become so dire, temperatures in places like the UK surpassed 39ºC and in countries like France, the mercury skyrocketed to an astronomical 42ºC. France had reached its highest ever recorded temperature in the country on June 29th, where temperatures reached 45ºC!

If these sorts of climate disruptions continue to occur unabated, as they are projected to, both businesses and people alike will need to implement adequate cooling solutions.

Area Cooling Solutions iCOOL line of condensing units have performed superbly in the midst of the extreme temperatures Europe has had to deal with recently. This includes Area’s newest range, which uses CO2 as a refrigerant.

Area offers an advanced remote control. This unique feature allows the company to monitor the performance of their units operating in the field, as well as providing the ability to change parameters whenever required.

The iCOOL MAX 15 CO2 installed in Cyprus, has been tested to perform extremely well when exposed to ambient temperatures ranging between 35ºC and 45ºC! This shows just how effective the CO2 refrigerant technology is.

The entire iCOOL line of inverter condensing units is no early-comer to the cooling scene. It features over eight years of experience and well over 6,000 working units which have successfully endured the blisteringly hot European summer. All iCOOL inverter condensing units are specially designed for use in commercial applications.

All units are both designed and manufactured in the European Union.