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iCOOL eSLIM (A2L) finalist of RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2020

iCOOL eSLIM (A2L) with a cooling capacity from 2,00 kW to 9,25 kW @-10ºC/32ºC has been chosen as a finalist in the Refrigeration Product of the Year at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2020, featuring:

  • Enhanced safety for A2L charge, thanks to the 3 isolated chambers allowing independent access to power and electronics, condenser, and compressor.
  • Higher energy savings and wider capacity modulation (15% to 100%), thanks to the use of a new BLDC compressor.
  • More silent, thanks to the use of a larger EC fan and special sound-proof chamber for the compressor.
  • Easy installation plug&play compact unit.
  • Easy commissioning, start-up guaranteed in less than 3 minutes.
  • High reliability, customized control to protect the compressor.
  • All our units are designed to work up to 43ºC of ambient temperature.

Sustainability is a core value of AREA. iCOOL eSLIM (A2L) is designed to help retailers in the food sector, food service and cold storage segments to comply with F-Gas regulations.

Our mission is to provide compressors, controls, and refrigeration units that professionals love. We are proud of our R&D team.

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