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What are our differences?

Launched in 2010, iCOOL™ soon became the benchmark of inverter condensing unit in Europe. Its reliability, low noise level, and easy commissioning through its intuitive user interface, make the success story of the iCOOLTM family. Today iCOOLTM is powering smoothly refrigeration equipment of more than a total of 100 MW capacity!

When developing iCOOL™ CO2 range, we wanted to keep the functionality of our proven iCOOL™ family products. Furthermore, we developed unique solutions that make our iCOOL™ CO2 different.

Product range

Silent Inverter condensing units
Designed to operate at 43ºC ambient temperature

A deep market feedback helped
us to focus on the key factors:

Reliability in oil management:

One of the characteristics of CO2 as refrigerant is its high miscibility with oil. If a safety valve must open, it releases CO2 as well as oil, much more than in HFC applications. To deal with this issue, iCOOLTM CO2 features an standard oil level intelligence control.

Build in software to push back the oil to compressor
Oil separator as a standard
Electronic oil level control

A sustainable solution:

A GWP 0 solution.

High SEPR efficiency. The use of BLDC technology allows us to reach up to 30% of
energy savings during operation.

The iCOOL™ range is certified by TÜV Rheinland, guarantee regular external audit of
our production process.

Low noise level:

The noise level is a key decision driver. As every square meter counts, especially in retail
business, the technical room comes at the expense of a reduction of the storage space capability.

On the other hand, the requirements of neighborhood, to not be disturbed by the HVAC-R devices, are higher every day.

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The iCOOL™ has been designed to be the quietest unit on the market for outdoor instalations, with 6 faces insulated housing, large EC fans with low rotation speed and a silent compressor/inverter operation.

Operation under high ambient temperature:

Our compressor choice went for the double stage BLDC Panasonic technology. This choice was not only guided by our strong partnership with Panasonic, but mainly because the BLDC double stage technology is the most advanced in the market.

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In a double stage compressor the effort is divided in two cycles. This is a very favorable feature for the efficiency of the system, specially in part loading conditions. It also allows the unit to operate within a wider working envelope.

All our iCOOLTM CO2 range are lab tested under 43ºC ambient temperature. Many units were succesfully running in field tests in ambient temperatures up to 46ºC during the hot 2019 summer.

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Remote control features

Allowing our engineers and factory experts to be at your side, inside your iCOOLTM CO2 to support during maintenance and service. You and our support team are able to remotely read, record and modify all digital parameters of the unit. With IoT technology and our expertise, we are able to detect problems and provide preventive maintenance services.


Simple Cloud Interface

Keep the control on you installation from any devices connected to Internet. Allows you to monitoring of the installation in real time & from any devices (internet connection), preventive maintenance with remote diagnostics, alarms with customized settings, graphs and Data Compilation, indefinite storage of installation data and parameters settings modification at distance.

Case Study:

Freezing chamber
(up to 80 m3)

Higher efficiency of the system thanks to low oil migration and the limitation of defrost cycles are the major challenge faced by refrigeration in the HORECA sector.

Gourmet shop
(up to 600 sqm)

Managing several small evaporators (down to 500 W) thanks to a centralized solution with low energy consumption.

Convenience store
(up to 2 500 sqm)

Redundancy of inverter cooling units to increase reliability of the installation.

Delicatessen application (meat, chocolate, cheese)

Managing a precise evaporating temperature (+/-0,1ºC) to supply proper cooling needs to static evaporators without the need of electronic expansion valve.