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Covid 19 info from Area

Dear customer,

We are living strange times. Nobody of us, not even those that have been for a long time in business has faced before such a threat.

All of us need to have some certainties during this transition time, on which to base our day to day decisions. Let me explain to you how Area is operating to secure product availability and support to your company.

Since 1986 Area Cooling Solutions distributes compressors and other key refrigeration components in Europe, based on sole agency agreements with overseas suppliers. The headquarters are located in Barcelona.

Since 1995 we design and manufacture condensing units iCOOL, other refrigeration equipment and subcontracting made to measure products at our plant in Wroclaw, Poland.

We employ some 130 people, about 30% of them being refrigeration and electronics engineers: including a 12 R&D engineer team; and other university graduates. Due to our continuous growth, the average age of our staff is 36 years.

For the last weeks, we have gradually been implementing safety measures to prevent Covid 19 transmission, including home working for most of the staff that does not have goods handling or production roles. We have organized our operations in a way that would allow the company to continue operations in case of any infection of any of us.

Our customer service, technical support, and sales engineers are 100% available to support your requests, via phone, mail or videoconference. In urgent cases we may organize personal assistance, travel restrictions permitting.

Since early this year we have increased our stocks to cope with the emergency, and as of today, we have well over 20.000 compressors available in our warehouses, plus 25 additional 20 ´containers scheduled to be received through the end of May. As our main suppliers, Panasonic, GMCC, AVIC and WEIGUANG MOTORS are operating normally since the first half of February, there is no risk of product shortage on our side, as long as the European freight system is operative.

To secure our best service we need your forecast or better, your orders for the next months. We’d also appreciate having your permission to advance shipments of already ordered goods.

We expect the situation; in one way or another to come back to normality this spring, and your inputs will help us build the right stocks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me @ for further questions

Thank you for your trust and support.

Josep Ventura
Managing Director Area Cooling Solutions SAU