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Areacademy, winner of the Industry Initiative of the Year award by ACR News Awards

We are proud to announce that Areacademy is the winner of the “Industry Initiative of the Year” category at the 2024 ACR News Awards. Areacademy is the premier HVAC-R free interactive center for knowledge and technical support, offering a wide range of educational tools and resources, both online and in-person.

Our experts share their extensive know-how, from basic refrigeration and HVAC concepts to training in cutting-edge technologies such as natural refrigerants, inverter technology, and remote-control solutions. This year, we’ve expanded our offerings to include hands-on and online training sessions, detailed articles, and digital training materials like videos, 3D animations, augmented reality, and even VR simulations.

Areacademy is committed to making our training accessible to everyone, with materials available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Polish. Discover and engage with our content through our training hub.

We extend our gratitude to all Areacademy members and supporters of our community for their commitment and enthusiasm. Congratulations to all winners and finalists! We invite everyone interested in advancing their skills to join us on this innovative learning journey for free.

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The ACR News Awards, organized by Datateam Business Media, the publisher of ACR News, serve as a crucial platform for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Celebrating over two decades of innovation, these awards recognize the most innovative products, exceptional companies, and outstanding professionals within the sector. Winning an ACR News Award is considered a prestigious and independent endorsement, distinguishing companies from their competitors and enhancing their industry profiles. The relevance and influence of ACR News are validated by an independent audit from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), ensuring it reaches key commercial and industrial specifiers and purchasers.

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Areacademy, winner of the Industry Initiative of the Year award by ACR News Awards