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Area Cooling Solutions presents: The iCOOL Family

iCOOL The upgrade of inverter technology
With more than 4 000 units running in Europe since 2011, the iCOOL family has become the benchmark of inverter condensing units for commercial refrigeration.
Always leading in technology, the new G3 generation innovates with an advanced control, smoother running, and offering more energy-efficiency, higher safety of the unit and fast and easy commissioning, regardless of the refrigerant.
To reduce your maintenance costs and to optimize your time, come to see Serenity, our remote control solution for the complete installation, to have an efficient preventive maintenance while controlling its costs.
iCOOL silent, the most silent unit of the market.
Synthetic refrigerants, from 4,5kW to 29 kW in HP & from 10kW to 17 kW in MP
Ecodesign 2018
iCOOL MAX, the solution for indoor installation, fast and easy, with an innovative air duct tilt setting system.
Synthetic refrigerants, from 17kW to 21 kW in HP & 10kW in MP
Ecodesign 2018
iCOOL CO2, a CO2 unit, designed and manufactured in Europe by dedicated refrigerant and electronic engineers
CO2 version, from 5kW to 15 kW in HP & 8 kW in MP
SEPR up to 3,28
Area features:
Delivery in less than 48h to 72h of your unit anywhere in Europe
Multilingual technical support, from project to commissioning
Area Training Center
Come to visit our booth C54 @ SIFA – 28 /29 November – Lyon (France).