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AVIC Compressors

Pioneering Excellence in Rotary Compressor Design and Manufacturing
AVIC ElectroMechanical (Shenyang) SANYO Refrigeration Equipment is a distinguished joint venture enterprise that inherits the product technology, manufacturing expertise, and quality control standards from Japan’s renowned Sanyo. With a dedicated focus on the design, production, and sales of rotary compressors for the past 28 years, the company operates on a sprawling 140,000-square-meter facility, employing over 3,000 skilled professionals. This exceptional establishment boasts an annual production capacity of 10 million sets, bolstered by cutting-edge fully automatic production lines and a commitment to energy-saving environmental products, including the use of DC technology and eco-friendly refrigerants.

A Legacy of Technological Advancement

With two pioneering technical centers—one in Japan’s Gunma and the other in China’s Shenyang—AVIC possesses an unmatched heritage in compressor development. The Gunma center, established in 1968, proudly hosts more than 20 Japanese specialists, boasting a rich product development legacy spanning over half a century. On the other hand, the Shenyang technical center, founded in 1990, has assembled a team of top-tier university technical experts with over 20 years of experience. These state-of-the-art centers, along with high-end production lines, enable AVIC to manufacture core components such as compressors and motors. Moreover, the company has embraced the digital factory concept, aligning itself with China’s ambitious “Made in China 2025” vision.

Driving Industry Upgrades through Eco and Energy-Saving Solutions

AVIC mission is rooted in the pursuit of eco and energy-saving initiatives, driving innovation and technological advancements within the refrigeration industry. By focusing on the middle and high-end market segments, the company consistently exceeds customer expectations by delivering unparalleled products and solutions. Committed to creating maximum value for customers, AVIC continually pushes the boundaries of refrigeration technology to usher in a sustainable future.

In 2015, AVIC achieved a groundbreaking milestone by implementing an automatic production line for six-pole compressors, setting a new industry standard for workmanship. The company employs lean manufacturing principles, meticulously planning, designing, and realizing production technologies to streamline operations.

Championing Excellence and Social Responsibility

In its unwavering commitment to excellence, AVIC has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions. The CRSS brand has been consistently honored by the Shenyang city and Liaoning province, solidifying its reputation as a renowned compressor supplier in China. The company’s dedication to social responsibility has also earned AVIC the esteemed titles of Shenyang’s Top 100 Company and a model of civility.

With a strong legacy of technological innovation, sustainable practices, and unwavering commitment to quality, AVIC continues to shape the future of refrigeration technology. As an industry leader, their focus on eco and energy-saving solutions paves the way for a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

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