Gain hands-on CO2 experience with Areacademy

Recently, we had the pleasure of conducting advanced CO2 training for a group of contractors at our training center in Wrocław. We focused intensely on the topic of refrigeration and automation. First, we presented the CO2 refrigeration installation for training, consisting of the transcritical unit and a refrigeration chamber with an evaporator.

We started with the preparation of the vacuum in the installation. Then, we gave a presentation on the properties of R744 refrigerant, dedicated equipment, safety aspects, the detailed principle of operation, installation requirements, and finally, the commissioning and parametrization of iCOOL CO2 units. After gaining extensive theoretical knowledge, we performed practical exercises, including filling the system with the R744 refrigerant, commissioning of the condensing unit and its remote parameterization.

The next day was dedicated entirely to automation exercises with inverters, CO2 controllers, and Area Cloud remote control system. The training ended with a quick interactive test to summarize the knowledge gained.

Areacademy training is available in your language! We invite you to participate in our English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Polish sessions.

We invite you to join our webinars, and in-person hands-on training sessions focused on inverter technology, the use of CO2 in refrigeration, remote control, and preventive maintenance features based on our iCOOL™ and Area Cloud solutions.

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