Decentralized refrigeration system for commercial applications

Decentralized solution with iCOOL CO2

Concept of a decentralized system

A decentralized system is a commercial refrigeration application concept consisting of several condensing units, such as iCOOLTM CO2 and iCOOLTM HFC, connected to different cooling and freezing devices. These can be chambers or cabinets of different sizes and capacities. An additional part of the decentralized system can be a heat recovery system compatible with iCOOLTM CO2 and HFC condensing units. To manage the efficient operational control of the whole system, you can complete it with an area cloud remote monitoring and preventive maintenance system.

The example concept of a complex decentralized solution for a supermarket application is shown and explained in the movie:

With a simple user interface, low energy consumption, fast commissioning, and easy maintenance, iCOOLTM CO2/HFC by Area Cooling Solutions is the perfect solution for convenience stores, restaurant cold rooms, fuel stations, and food stores.

Main benefits of the decentralized refrigeration systems

In today’s commercial applications, replacing the powerpack (multi-compressors) systems with decentralized cooling systems results in energy savings, more precise temperature regulation (better product quality), and increased operational safety. The redundancy of the condensing units provides the operational safety of the installation. With a decentralized system, that retrofit may be performed step-by-step during the market operation without stopping the business.

Thanks to the heat recovery option, energy costs can be reduced by reclaiming the heat from a high-pressure cooling system for domestic hot water and central heating, for example.

The main benefits of decentralized applications are collected in the table:

Higher reliability Less cost in operation
Split of cooling systems. No risk of total shut down like in
centralized solution.
100% tested with refrigerant in factory.
Higher efficiency thanks to optimized parametrization of the evaporators.
Smaller refrigerant charge per circuit.
Faster and easier Customized to your needs

Compact, lightweight Plug&Play unit.

Smaller diameters and shorter pipelines.

Easy sales surface extension.

Modular solution allowing step by step store remodelling.

Example: replacing an old rack system with a decentralized iCOOL solution

According to the EcoDesign directive, cooling cabinet manufacturers are obliged to increase the energy efficiency of their products. To reach the requirements, they implement energy-saving solutions such as cabinet doors. It enables reducing the cooling demand of the whole supermarket by at least 50%, with a significant decrease in energy consumption.

The infographic shows an example of a typical 1000m2 shop with a demand of 60kW (cooling) and 8kW (freezing) after replacing the standard cabinets with the EcoDesign compliant door cabinets. The reduced cooling demand enables replacing the old power-pack system with a more reliable decentralized solution.

iCOOL CO2 or HFC condensing units as the main part of a decentralized system

The iCOOLTM CO2 condensing unit is a sustainable solution designed for natural R744 refrigerant with low environmental impact. Thanks to inverter technology and an advanced control system, it provides significant energy savings, which is a crucial feature in a time of rapid growth in the cost of energy. With an integrated, oversized gas cooler, our units may operate in ambient temperatures up to 43°C, with smooth starts and without alarms.

iCOOLTM CO2 units are equipped with an active oil management system, safety automation, and remote monitoring as standard. These condensing units are also distinguished by their low-noise operation. For cooling applications, they can operate in a capacity range from 1.8 to 30 kW, and in case of freezing applications, in a range from 1.7 to 10 kW.

iCOOLTM HFC condensing units, thanks to their large modulation capacity and multi-refrigerant compliance, can be used in many commercial refrigeration applications. For cooling applications, they can operate in a capacity range from 0.5 to 42 kW, and in case of freezing applications, in a range from 0.5 to 14 kW.


The iCOOLTM CO2 or iCOOLTM HFC condensing unit is a perfect solution for decentralized cooling systems. The redundancy of the cooling units provides increased operational safety and more precise regulation, which increases the quality of the final product. With a decentralized solution, we decrease the refrigerant charge and the pipeline diameter. This modular solution also enables easy sales surface extension and step-by-step remodeling.

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