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Area Condensing Units

Since 2010, Area Cooling Solutions has been developing an innovative range of condensing units, perfectly adapted to any commercial or industrial refrigeration application.

Our range is designed and manufactured in Europe, meeting the highest standards and TÜV certified.

Ecodesign, Designed and manufactured in the EU, PED II & TÜV Certificate

Product range

We offer the most complete range on the market in low temperature (LP) and medium / high temperature (MHP) applications.  

The units can operate under any climate – even in the hottest tropical conditions, with conventional refrigerants, type R448A, R449A, R513A, R134a, A2L (R455A and R454C) and natural refrigerant CO2 (R744).  

Different by nature

Our condensing units combine both tradition and innovation. To guarantee the reliability and durability of your installation, AREA condensing units have kept the traditional principles of a refrigeration circuit, offering oil separators, suction accumulator, metal housing, phase controllers, etc. on all our units (standard or optional equipment). Energy savings, low noise levels and integration of the units in an urban environment are the essence of our innovations.  

We were therefore among the first to offer plug&play inverter condensing units, using advanced technologies such as large diameter EC fans (low noise levels), hermetic Panasonic scroll inverter compressors and rotary inverter compressors with liquid injection.  

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