Experts in advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning

Products: Compressors, Refrigerator components, Plate heat exchangers, Condensing units, Chillers, Condensers/Evaporators.

Area piston compressor:  Hermetic piston compressors for domestic and commercial cooling, high/medium and low temperature applications with R134a, R600 and R404A.

Family D, S and L

Compact compressors with low noise and vibration levels. Cooling capacity from 40 W to 220 W

Family CT and CJ

Highly reliable compressors, with stable performance. Cooling capacity from 395 W to 5,006 kW

Area rotary compressors: horizontal, hermetic rotary compressors for commercial cooling in R404A, and for HVAC with R407C and R410A. Range of vertical compressors for household air conditioning in R407C. Cooling capacity from 1,5 kW to 6,0 kW.

Here you can find the list of Area products: Cooling & HVAC Products