Experts in advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning

ACS models

  1. Inverter adapted to refrigeration requirements
    • Increased capacity of integrated PLC controller.
    • Improved control of BLDC motors (wider range of operation).
  2. Simplified compressor configuration
    • Customer is able to use Area Cooling Solutions database of preset compressor settings and system configurations, with all additional features active!
    • The ability to upload settings for various refrigerants and compressors using a standard SD card.
    • Most of the settings can be embedded inside the inverter (protection time of work cycles of compressors, temperature limits, etc.).
  3. Advanced protection of inverter compressor based on Area Cooling Solutions wide experience in production of inverter driven condensing units. Details:
    • Dedicated temperature sensor instead of simple thermostat.
    • Automatic reduction of inverter power in case of high discharge temperature (prevention of high temperature but at the same time maintaining unit working).
    • Automatically increase frequency of the inverter when working low speed and high discharge temperature (prevention of high temperature but at the same time maintaining unit working).
    • Oil return management.
  4. No need for external controller if one or two* process variables are to be controlled (for example: pressure or temperature and humidity).
    *if no temperature sensor is present on compressor discharge or second variable is controlled by thermostat (for example: control of cold room temperature by thermostat and evaporation temperature with pressure sensor).
  5. Tandem and Tridem* control by inverter available!
    *1 or 2 additional fix speed compressors can be controlled by inverter.
    *2 compressors can be controlled only if external capacity requirement signal is available (0-10V, 4-20mA).

AGL and ACS models

  1. Many inputs, outputs and additional functions available on board that allow to use inverter in variety of applications or to fit it to already existing installations.

    • PLC inside inverter.
    • 24V DC supply on board.
    • 10V DC supply for potentiometer (or other simple regulator).
    • Safe Stop Inputs (STOA, STOB).
    • Up to:
      1. 5 Digital Inputs (4x Transistor, 1x In/Out).
      2. 4 Digital outputs (1x Relay, 1x Transistor, 1x In/Out, 1x Multifunction).
      3. 2 Analog Inputs (1x 0-10V or 0/4-20 mA, 1x 0-10V or 0/4-20mA or PTC or Pt1000 or KTY).
      4. 1 Analog Output (0-10V or PWM or Digital).
    • CAN Interface, RS-485 (Modbus) on RJ45 port.
    • Memory Card Port (SD/MMC).
  2. No need for expensive controllers with Modbus MASTER communication -> control of inverter speed with analog signal (0-10V or 4-20mA).
  3. Simplification of mechanical and electrical installation.
    • Compact dimensions (especially in cold plate version).
    • Fewer components.
    • Easy installation.
  4. Simplified device diagnostic and settings transfer (SD card)
    • The ability to upload settings using a standard SD card.
    • History of last errors and parameters during error occurrence kept inside inverter.

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