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Are you a wholesaler a manufacturer a contractor an engineering company or an end-user?

Each business has its own needs. Check our package for you, including a logistics, technical support and pricing scheme.

Are you a manufacturer?

Actually most of our customers are manufacturers. We understand your business, and provide you with the best solutions to improve your product range.We support you during the product development, sharing our experience and advising about the ideal component to use for each application..

  • Solutions for all refrigerants, including A2L types, R290 and CO2
  • Over 10 years’ experience in inverter driven applications.
  • Remote control and preventive maintenance features.

We are a multilingual, young team. 40% of us holds an engineering degree.

  • 3 warehouses in Europe
  • From one piece to large quantities
  • Delivery time 24/48 h anywhere in Europe

Competitive pricing.

Are you a wholesaler?

We provide you with the same service we have for manufacturers, focused on convenience and 24/48 h delivery.

You know that instant product availability is key to success in spare parts and small projects sales. Take advantage of our Flexistock program, allowing you to keep goods in stock without having to worry about them staying for ever at your warehouse: we will replace them at no additional cost for other AREA products.

Selection software and quick equivalence with other products search.

Complete technical support in your language to define the best solution for your needs.

Reach us via the web, phone, mail, chat and videoconferencing for sales and technical support.

Are you a contractor?

All above features apply to you! We provide one to one technical support to define the component you need to replace, and we make sure you get it in 24/48 hours, anywhere in Europe.

You may actually check for equivalent compressors on our cross reference section, and order it online at any time.Our iCOOL inverter condensing units range, designed and manufactured at our facility in Wroclaw, Poland represent the state of the art in refrigeration technology, for conventional, A2L and CO2 refrigerants between 3 and 30 kW.

All of them are designed for ambient temperatures up to 43 C; and are TÜV certified.

iCoolMade in EuropeTUV

Thanks to its large modulation capacity and its multi-refrigerant compliance, iCOOL may be used for any commercial refrigeration application providing service down to a 500W single evaporator.

The new control based on specific software brings the unit to very high standards and reliability, with a simple user interface; allowing for a fast commissioning.

Energy saving, fast commissioning and preventive maintenance through our remote control, iCOOL by Area is the most advanced technical solution interfaced in a very simple and safe way for the user.

Check also our on/off condensing units range, Silent, the most silent unit of the market, customizable as per your needs; and BASICLine, keeping traditional refrigeration features and offering the best €/kW ratio.

We support you during the project, sharing our experience and advising about the ideal component to use for each application

Are you an engineering company or an end-user?

We understand your business, and we’ll love working with you to find the most appropiate equipment for your project, either for conventional, A2L or CO2 refrigerantsOur iCOOL range provides the best solution for your needs; from 3 to 30 kW. In many cases, our inverter technology will reduce the energy consumption. Your new restaurant or shop will be greener, and it will cost less to operate . Up to 30% less !

iCoolMade in EuropeTUV

Actually, many our our customers prefer using multiple iCOOL units in a single project, instead of a conventional powerpack. It’s easier and faster to install, and it gives you operational redundancy in case of failure of one of the units. This solution is now avaibale also in Full CO2 version.

The units are really easy to install, and we can always suport the contractor during the commisioning via our remote control feature. This will allow keeping the installation under control 24/365. Soon we will offer you a preventive maintenance option.

Your neighbors will also enjoy it. Our units are signifincantly quieter than most of other existing options.